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Why are western superheroes always wore their panty outside, are they retarded?

As an Asian, this is just not make any sense to me to wear your panty outside of your clothing, doing so in Asia will be seen as either you are crazy or sex maniac.

So why are western superheroes wore their panty outsid? Is it :
1. Because when transforming into a hero, they are in intense fear so much that they wrongly wore their panty outside?
2. A symbol or aesthetic in the west to show your panty outside to show that you are a hero or to show that you want to protect something?
3. Or simply because westerners are still not as civilized as other race which is why a racist scumbag like trump can become as their president?

Well no wonder westerners can't make any Anime to this day and the one who massacres over 500000 innocent Japanese using nukes while many of them can't live without Anime this days.

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