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Asian guys got the best, Asian girls Vs Western girls : Gokuraku Jodo dance battle ~ A blog of a Proud Asian guy ~ This is why western males, african males, etc other males are very jealous of us Asian guys because we Asian guys got the best girls in the world. What those jealous non Asian males could do is keep trying to bad-mouth us Asians such as by keep spreading nonsenses about us Asian guys have small banana. Those jealous non Asian males believes girls in this world love a guy because of his banana size so by spreading nonsenses about our banana size, those jealous non Asians males believes our Asian girls will leave us Asians guys then go to them.

Those jealous non Asian males are just very retarded because if what those jealous non Asian males said is true and not nonsense then the girls on the left you see will not look like that but will start for example to look like the girl on the right. The only way for the girls on the left to look like that is because her mother, grandmother, great grandmother, great-great grandmother, etc chose to be inseminated by us Asian guys and not by any other guys. ~ A blog of a Proud Asian guy ~

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