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Why westerners must not Cosplay : They "support" pedophilianisation

That is because when westerners cosplaying our Anime characters, they have to use their western childrens in order to match our Anime chatacters age or youthfulness. You can see the evidence on the picture below :

More evidences can be seen in here. The reason why our Anime characters look very youthful is because we Asians made them based on us Asians, us Asians who look much more younger than our real age which is why we Asians don't need to use our Asian childrens ot match our Anime characters youthfulness when we Asians cosplaying our Anime characters.

Anyway just for info, pedophiles are scumbags who prey on childrens or those below 17 years old so peoples who like someone else who are over 17 years old but still look like childrens are not categorized as pedophiles, if they are categorized as pedophiles then any Asian guys who marry with Asian girls will be labeled then jailed as pedophile because most Asian girls who are over 17 years old are still look under 17 years old due to us Asians look much younger than our real age. I have to clear this up because there are many jealous western males losers out there who keep saying that us Asian guys are a bunch of pedophiles for loving our Asian girls, those western males losers are just jealous because we Asian guys got the best girls in the world which are our own Asian girls. Not just jealous western males losers who said those nonsense about us Asian guys but also jealous western girls who are jealous of our Asian girls, especially western girls who can't get any of us Asian guys to love them.

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  1. More reason why racist westerners must not Cosplay our Anime/Asian characters.

    Proud To Be Asian!