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Why western males very jealous of Asian guys : Who Asian guys love to penetrate each night Vs Who love to penetrate western males each night

No wonder there are a very massive numbers of gays in the west where the ratio of western males who are gays are around 40 from each 100 western males which solidly proven by many western countries are allowing gay marriage. Compared to us Asians, the ratio of our Asian guys who are gays are just around 1 from each 1000 which solidly proven by none of our Asian countries who allow the damned gay [ yes gays are damned ] marriage.

Study shows that the main or biggest reason why a male turn into gay is because they have been anally-raped before. Another reason related to what you see in here is because more and more western males no longer able to diffrentize between a girl and a guy due to their western girls tend to look like a guy.

Anyway, the western cosplayer you see in here is a pure western girl and this is is the evidence, there are 2 main reaons why she looks like a male :
1. It is a well known fact that westerners are very masculine in appearance and this is also true for western girls.

2. She is cosplaying our Anime characters while we Asians make our Anime characters based on us Asians and the Anime characters she is cosplaying is an Anime girl which based on our Asian girls who are very feminine. Simply put, what she is doing is just like when a male trying to look like a girl which will always look off, weird, etc freaky.

A few other of the millions "penetrators" who are "responsible" of turning western males into gays : 

The last pic only proves that make-up, photoshop, surgery, money, etc can't help westerners to look like our Anime/Asian characters or to look like us Asians.

What you see in here is also the main reason why there are many jealous western scumbags who call our Asian girls as males by saying our Asian girls have small boobs, the fact that western girls tend to look like males are causing westerners who are retarded to find another method to differentize between a girl and guy and the method they use is to see how big their boobs are. They are retarded because only retards who use boobs size to recognize other peoples where those western retards will eventually call their wife as their brother or similar male term when their wife have to undergone boobs removal due to desease, or where those western retards will eventually call their husband as sister or similar female term when their husband become so fat that their boobs become as big as female boobs size.


  1. Poor western males losers, they believe that by keep saying Asian guys have small penis will make all the best girls Asian guys got in the world to be then prefer them because they believe a girl love a guy because of his penis, no wonder those losers committed the biggest numbers of rape crimes in the world.

  2. God you're such a fucking retard.

    1. What jealous poor western males losers will say, just keep screaming when being anally-raped by your own western girls.

  3. What you bang every night? Looking at the language of the blog, when you have the chance you bang this:
    If this would be a reason for us to envy you, then all the Western men would comit mass suicide.

    I will ignore all the crap about gay ration which you took out from your ass, not from proper sources. Or the crap about Western females looking like men - its obvious that you suffer knowing that we fuck real women, while yours never shaved in their lifes.

    But I must tell you a cruel reallity: Anime characters are inspired by Europeans and their diversity, not by East Asians. You don't have Asians with blond hair or eye colors other than black. And your women are flat and petit, with small eyes. Nothing like the anime characters with big eyes, sexy bodies and big boobs. And yes boobs are important. Is not because we are retarded, is because boobs are awsome. And anime producers know that too, that why they put them in anime.

    Here is some proper cosplay: look at the difference between a real (western) woman cosplaying an anime character and and East Asian who doesn't have the characteristics for that but is trying her best:

    Western: -
    Asian: -

    1. Like other poor western males losers just keep being angry and jealous that :
      1. We Asian guys got the best girls which are our own Asian girls while you poor western males losers got stuck with your uncute, look like males and look too old western girls.
      2. At least to us Asian guys, your western girls mostly look like males which is one of the reasons we Asian guys don't want them even though they keep trying to get our attentions including by making dating sites such as to promote themselves to us Asian guys. Anyway, in comparison you won't find any site like that made by our Asian girls to promote themselves to you poor western males losers.
      3. Go tell that only after you dumb westerners can make Anime because claiming something about our Anime such as our Anime characters based on you unattractive westerners while not able to make any Anime only shows you westerners are a bunch of losers who try to get credits from other peoples works. Not just losers but also retards who recognize other peoples from their hair colors, eyes colors and even boobs size, it is good that we Asians are not retards like you dumb westerners because we Asians recognize other peoples including our Anime characters from their facial & body form, next be sure to call anyone who have the same hair and eyes color as your family to be your family including anyone who have the same boob size as your siter, auntie, etc to be your sister, auntie, etc.
      4. In the end what important is only us Asians who look like this/our Asian cosplayers which quality to Cosplay or to be good successful Cosplay of our Anime characters :
      While none of you dumb unattractive westerners will ever look like that = You westerners not look like our Anime characters = You westerners can't Cosplay our Anime/Asian characters.

      Just be proud of your western race and stop being ashamed of your western appearance by stick to imitate your inferior ugly cartoon/western characters. Our Anime/Asian characters are only mean for us Asians to touch.