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Poor western males losers, getting more poor and poorer

Other than having poor peace due to being stomped, penetrate,  hunted, muredered, [ click for evidences ] etc [ more evidence will be added in the future ] awful things by their own western females, western males are also getting are poor in terms of wealth where more and more of them this days are out of job [ due to us Asian guys are more capable than them ] and have to become as beggars to stay alive, they even go to our Asian countries to beg at us Asians which shows how they believe that we Asians are more richer than them.

One of the example of the western males who become as beggar and are begging in our Asian countries is Benjamin Holst who are from the land of hitler [ currently known as one of trump's distant ancestors ], so far he have gone to our Asian countries of Thailand, Philippine and Indonesia to beg at us Asians there.

This is him begging at us Asians :


Anyway, know that I don't look down on beggars because to me that is still a honest thing but begging is the most lowest thing to do in live but still honorable than stealing, corruption, etc.

As for the western males who are mad over the publication of this fact, if you losers want to prove me wrong then just show me 1 Asian guy who travels to several western countries to beg, which I'm sure never exist to this day because as I have been said we Asians are more richer.

1 comment:

  1. This is also one of the reasons why the western males losers are very jealous of us Asian guys, other than owning the best girls [ our Asian girls ] we Asian guys are also more richer.