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Belong to us Asians

The highest intelligence
We Asians are smarter and being smart is the most important thing in this world because that is the reason why human civilization can continue to advance to this day and why useful things such as cars, phones, etc can exist.

The most attractive appearance
Because we Asians are cute and youthful, the most solid evidence that we Asians have the most attractive appearance can be seen at how peoples world wide are prefer to imitate our Asian such as our Anime, Manga, etc characters rather than their own characters, this even apply for the Asian based characters made by westerners for their own show such as Dva from Overwatch where they prefer to Cosplay her the most compared to other characters from Overwatch. Of course we Asians ourselves are prefer to imitate our own Asian characters as well rather than any characters based on other race.

The most advanced technology
We Asians make a more advanced version of most of the things that other race also made such as we Asians make more advanced car, phone, etc.

Our Anime have hundreds millions fans in the world and the fans of our Anime from other race can be said that are virtually conquered by us Asians, because our Anime causing most of them to end up trying to be/look like us Asians, want to be one of us Asians, want to marry with us Asians or at least live in our Asian nations.

More will be added in the future

What disgusting is, there are many racist western scumbags out there who keep trying to get credits from our hard work by keep trying to associate their stupid western stuff into our superior Asian stuff, for example the racist western scumbags who keep claiming that our superior Anime are just a copy of their inferior cartoon.

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