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About me

I'm Asian and an Anime fan, I don't like western cosplayers. As Asian the reason I don't like western cosplayers is because they are racist against us Asians. When western cosplayers imitating our Anime characters are the same they imitate us Asians, imitating other race is a form of racism such as the "black face" racism.

As an Anime fan the reason why I don't like western cosplayers is because western cosplayers :
- Have small deep set eyes while our Anime characters have big narrow set eyes.
- Have big long nose while our Anime characters have small nose.
- Have square face while our Anime characters have round face.
- Have square jaw while our Anime characters have sharp jaw.
- Have big wide body form while our Anime characters have smallish body form.
- Etc nowhere near look like our Anime characters including my favorite Anime characters.

Other than that western cosplayers are also not cute, look too old, akward, etc weird including look like gays because westerners are too masculine that many western girls even look like males. So western cosplayers are just always ruining our Anime characters which hurt Anime fans whenever they Cosplay our Anime characters.

More about me :
- My favorite Anime girls Cosplay that I want to see done right

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