About Me ---- Asian Guys Got The Best ---- Belong To Us Asians

The westerners just hate themselves

You can clearly see the evidence of this from how they prefer to Cosplay/imitate Asian based characters such as Anime, Manga, etc other Asian based characters rather than western based characters such as cartoon, comic, etc other western based characters even the one made by themselves such as from Dva from Overwatch.

Based on the story of Overwatch Dva are said to be from South Korea, not just the story that become as the reason she is an Asian based character but also her appearance where her facial & body form look different from the typical western based characters except for her eyes which somewhat still look like typical westerners deep set eyes.

Evidence : http://www.deviantart.com/browse/all/photography/?order=9&q=overwatch+Cosplay

From the evidence you can see that the westerners who Cosplay Overwatch characters mostly prefer to Cosplay Dva who are based on Asian rather than any other characters who are based on themselves.